Restrictions for SimFin Trial Versions

With our trial version, you can test our product features and explore its benefits. However, certain restrictions apply. Learn more about the usage limits of the trial version and how to upgrade to a paid plan for full access.

Why is the trial paid and I still don’t get all the datasets? The purpose of the trial is to give you an idea of the functionality and data you will get when you upgrade your account to the BASIC or PRO package. Considering that it takes us a considerable amount of manual labour to ensure the quality of our data, we can’t just give away all our data for a price tag of $5 essentially. For that reason, not all the bulk download datasets are available during the trial period, but there should be enough data available for you to experiment and make an informed decision if you want to purchase the rest of the data. Additionally, the $5 fee ensures that you can use the high-speed credits on