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Enjoy superfast stock screening. Build your custom filters, indicators and complex conditions. Visualize findings historically or as distribution plots.

Improve strategies by backtesting

Backtest single stocks or complex strategies. Be prepared for gaining new insights. Optimize your investment scores and trading signals.

Download quality financial data

Just download financial data via API (Python or Excel) or bulk-CSV. Fundamentals and calculated metrics accessible for investors, analysts and platforms.

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Stock Analytics & Data API

Get access to up to 20+ years of financial history. Screen stocks with dozens of indicators. Backtest dynamic portfolio strategies. Define relevant criteria and individual weights. Compose your own queries with unlimited rules. Compare line charts and scatter plots with custom metrics. Show averages for industries and regions from 5,000+ stocks. Share your findings as studies and strategies with anyone. Download quality financial data via API. Your imagination is your only limit!

  • Create winning strategies!

    Screen thousands of stocks with renowned indicators. Filter with custom built conditions and values. Define individual rating score criteria and weights. Backtest your studies against 20 years of finance history. Challenge results against relevant sector benchmarks.

  • Gain insights through visualizations!

  • Feed your apps with quality data

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SimFin's API for downloading Fundamental data

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"We are using SimFin for our own application. The team is very responsive and data quality is very good."

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A. Kuhn
Value Investor

I really enjoy the api experience. Handling the dataframes makes the data manipulation simple and is exactly what I would do if were to aggregate the data from SECEdgar myself. Simfin saves me a few steps.

Customer avatar
Jonathan A.
Financial Analyst

I'm using SimFin for a personal project: predicting stock market returns with machine learning. SimFin has a wealth of data to experiment with and train models on!

Jose Martinez
Jose M.
Principal Research Engineer

Data quality is high, servers are super stable (2-3 days off during my 2 year membership), instant support, incredible price. Absolute no-brainer for me. Thanks so much, enables me to do much better personal investments.

Avatar Client
Sebastian S.
Quant Analyst

SimFin is a great place to get reliable and updated data on the fundamentals. Perfect for anybody that want to do their own analysis of data. Would love to see the Swedish stock market data covered in the future Thank you for a great service

Client avatar
Mikael S.
Private Investor

Simple, easy and flexible way of collecting the data I use for analysis.

Avatar Client
Randall B.
Data Analyst

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