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Innovative screener & backtesting
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Unique data visualization tools
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Social trading & sharing insights

Screen stocks like a PRO

  • Discover undervalued stocks

    Compile proven indicators to filter out "cheap stocks". Create complex queries with custom criteria. Save your studies and share them with the SimFin community and on social media. Let others rate your trading strategies.

  • View history of KPIs

  • Understand distributions of metrics

  • Benefit from Social Trading

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Backtest before invest

  • Verify investment strategies

    Do you want to invest in a promising strategy that you found with the Screener? Just test it first with a mouse click. If it has worked in the past, then there's a good chance it will continue to be successful in the future.

  • Backtest copied portfolios

  • Top ROI through criteria weighting

  • Optimize rebalance intervals

Backtesting a stock investment strategy against benchmark
Copy-trading other users strategies
Searching Trading Signals
Trading Intervalls

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