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Why waste time scraping and homogenizing data. Simply download all the financials you need. Get fundamentals and metrics via the data API or bulk download for 20+ years of history.

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Do you need fundamentals & metrics?

Simply connect your own apps with SimFin's Data API. Download financial data in JSON or CSV format.

All finance data is verified. Easily check yourself through linked reports.

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20+ years of stock data history covered
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Transparent verification via original reports
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The 3 crucial attributes of data
quality, quality and quality

Accurate data extraction through AI

Data Extraction via Machine Learning (AI)

SimFin extracts fundamental data from original quarterly and annual reports. Our innovative AI algorithms have been improved and trained over years to achieve the current accuracy.

Statement audits from experts

Financial Expert for Data Review

Before publication, the extracted financial statements are checked for mathematical inconsistencies. Any problem encountered is reviewed and clarified by a financial expert.

Data verification via linked reports


Last but not least - SimFin relies on the multi-eye principle. You can check any value in an extract simply by clicking back to the original report.

How to get the Data?

  • SimFin Python API

    The easiest way of working with SimFin's entire dataset is to use the SimFin Python API which comfortably downloads the financial data on your device.

  • SimFin Excel Plugin

  • SimFin Web API

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SimFin's Excel Plugin

Simply bulk-download stock data as CSV File

CSV File Download of Stock Data

The bulk-download of SimFin provides you a single text file in CSV format, compressed as a ZIP-file. This huge set of stock financials can be easily imported into Excel, Google Sheets, Tableau or Microsoft Power BI.

If you should not be satisfied, we will refund you.

14-day money back guarantee

The stock market data you receive from SimFin is checked through a qualified evaluation process to ensure accuracy. If you're not happy with your paid subscription, just let us know your issues within the first 14 days and we'll give you a refund.

You are looking for an alternative data source?

Alternative Data Sources

You have found it! High-quality fundamental data from the balance sheet, income statement (P&L) and cash flow statement. You also get over 7k calculated daily financial ratios with history going back to 2003 and before. Simply download from SimFin.

Simplifying Finance

Trusted by thousands of analysts

I really enjoy the api experience. Handling the dataframes makes the data manipulation simple and is exactly what I would do if were to aggregate the data from SECEdgar myself. Simfin saves me a few steps.

Customer avatar
Jonathan A.
Financial Analyst

Data quality is high, servers are super stable (2-3 days off during my 2 year membership), instant support, incredible price. Absolute no-brainer for me. Thanks so much, enables me to do much better personal investments.

Avatar Client
Sebastian S.
Quant Analyst

SimFin is a great place to get reliable and updated data on the fundamentals. Perfect for anybody that want to do their own analysis of data. Would love to see the Swedish stock market data covered in the future Thank you for a great service

Client avatar
Mikael S.
Private Investor

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  • Why there are recently more US than European stocks listed?

  • Will the data base of stocks grow in the next future?

  • To which reference are price dependent metrics calculated?

  • What is the status of data I downloaded from SimFin after cancellation of my subscription?

  • Can we use the downloaded data for redistribution to own clients?

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