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  • General
    Overview about tools & features in the SimFin app
    Get an introduction to the financial analysis tools and data choices at hand with Simfin's app! This tutorial offers an easy-to-follow overview of the most remarkable stock analytics features available.
  • Screening
    Step-by-Step guide to setup a stock portfolio with the Screener
    In this video, we are going to show you step-by-step how to use the SimFin Stock Screener to set up a Moving Average Investment Strategy. Learn how easy it is and get started with stock selection today!
  • Fundamentals
    How to download quality fundamental data from SimFin
    Let's learn together how to download financial data from SimFin! Downloading fundamentals, prices and ratios is a simple process. Use the data in your own apps to feed your custom algorithms.
  • Screening
    How to export your portfolio stocks as CSV text file for EXCEL.
    This short tutorial video explains in 27 seconds how to export a portfolio stock list. The list of securities will be downloaded as a CSV text file. This file can be easily opened in spread-sheet apps like EXCEL.
  • Data Download
    How to install the SimFin Excel Plugin - Step-by-Step
    Dive into the step-by-step process of installing and activating the SimFin Excel Plugin. From accessing the plugin on SimFin App to testing its functionality, we've got you covered. Enjoy watching.
  • Backtesting
    Perform a strategy backtest on a SimFin portfolio
    Learn how to use SimFin's powerful backtesting feature. You can analyse your portfolio performance and make smarter investment decisions. Stop hesitating and start optimizing your portfolio today!
  • Backtesting
    How to boost your backtests with High-Speed Credits?
    In this video, we are going to reveal the power of backtesting with High-Speed Credits. See why traders have already chosen High-Speed Credits for their backtesting needs. Start taking advantage of this powerful tool today!
  • Visualization
    Unlock the full potential of graph processing with High-Speed Credits
    Unlock the power of High-Speed Credits in metric visualization and portfolio backtesting. Learn all about the massive acceleration that you get when enabling them in your account. You won't want to miss it!
  • General
    Rate, comment, modify, save and share portfolios of other experts
    Let's learn how to explore, comment on and rate other users' portfolios. You'll be taught how to copy, edit, and share these strategies with peers or colleagues. It's a fantastic way to gain new insights and ideas!
  • Fundamentals
    How to obtain the most fundamental data of a company's business?
    SimFin gives access to thousands of listed companies. Depending on your subscription, you can browse the fundamentals of the past 7 to over 20 years of business. We show you how to get the most data out it.

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