SimFin's Updates & Roadmap

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Latest Updates

Apr 21nd 2023

The new EXCEL Plugin is published. Also users will now receive email notifications about engagements with their public portfolios.

Mar 23nd 2023

Download of portfolio stock list as CSV text file. User public profiles were added. Various fixes and improvements.

Mar 8th 2023

Improved saving/overwriting mechanism of portfolios. New forum and bulk download page. Improved comments system and added avatars, bugfixes.

Feb 28th 2023

Release of first version of SimFin Analytics Platform. Release of the new Stock Screener and the Backtesting tool. Launch of data Visualisations. 4,000 US Stocks completed. 20 years of history - fundamentals and metrics back until 2003 and before. New Data API Version 3. EXCEL Plugin for Data API.

Roadmap 2023 - 2024

End of Q2 2023

  • Backtesting results with trading fees included

  • Paper Trading for riskless verification of trading strategies

  • 1,000 European Stocks added

  • 1,000 Canadian Stocks added

End of Q3 2023

  • Trading of top rated portfolios as Wikifolio certificate

End of 2023

  • 12,000 Stocks of North America and Europe with 24 years of history completed

End of 2024

  • 30,000 Stocks of North America, Europe and Asia with 25 years of history completed

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