How can I invest in SimFin Portfolios?


SimFin provides investors with the tools to design quantitative investment strategies (portfolios) and retrospectively verify their performance. A select number of carefully chosen and vetted portfolios are transferred by SimFin to Selected wikifolio certificates are tradeable.

What do I need to know as an investor?

SimFin offers stock investors and analysts the ability to develop quantitative investment strategies, create their own portfolios, and backtest them. Selected and tested portfolios are replicated by SimFin to and are available there as individual tradable investment certificates.

The following four points explain how SimFin portfolios become tradable as wikifolio certificates.

1. Quantitative Strategies and Backtesting

A significant feature of the SimFin platform is the ability to test investment strategies developed with the SimFin Stock Screener for their prospects of success before they are deployed in the real world. This is accomplished through backtesting, which uses historical financial data to simulate the performance of a strategy.

This helps investors assess how the strategy might perform under different market conditions and supports making informed investment decisions.

2. Publication as wikifolios

After successful backtesting, strategies can be published by SimFin on as so-called "wikifolios." The SimFin wikifolios are typically replicated weekly to the relevant SimFin portfolio. In this process, the stocks currently listed in a SimFin portfolio are reweighted at equal value according to the latest closing price. This keeps the portfolio up-to-date and reflects the latest market developments.

3. Purchasing of wikifolio Certificates

The SimFin wikifolios published on are issued as tradable investment certificates by the stock trader Lang & Schwarz. Such wikifolio certificates can be purchased by investors through their house bank or online broker using the provided ISIN (International Security Identification Number). The certificates can be acquired via most brokers and banks in the DACH region or the stock exchanges Stuttgart and Bern or the stock broker Lang & Schwarz.

SimFin has its own page on where the wikifolios are listed and can be viewed in detail:

4. Security of Your Investments

For the listed certificates based on wikifolios, the issuer offers a collateral solution to protect the investor community. More information on the security of the wikifolio certificates offered by Lang & Schwarz.


SimFin provides investors with a unique platform where quantitative investment strategies can be developed and tested. Through a partnership with, SimFin portfolios are practically replicated 1:1 as wikifolios, which are tradable as certificates. Such wikifolio certificates can be purchased through a house bank or an online broker of your choice.

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